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Solstice Pillow

Solstice Pillow

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Double-sided Ice Fabric + Microfleece Pillow

Our double sided hypoallergenic SOLSTICE pillow is intuitive. It gives a Dynamic Response to environmental changes, creates a perfectly cool + dry microclimate while you sleep, and repells moisture & heat away from your body. It’s engineered to provide comfort in every climate & season with that offers the support of memory foam with the resilience of latex. It contours to your sleep position, supporting the natural lines of your head, neck & spine, improves overall sleep quality by reducing snoring & stress, while supporting healthy circulation to reduce aches & pains.



Care Instructions

Unzip and remove outer cover and wash with cold water and regular detergent. Do not use Bleach. Dry on low heat. Do not iron. To prevent wrinkling, put cover back on immediately after removing it from the dryer.

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