Slumbershield Bedding

SLUMBERSHIELD® brings you the science of a sound sleep, offering exclusive cutting-edge technology in performance bedding + accessories. Sleeping should be restful & hassle-free; let us handle the rest, while you rest! Our intuitive line of mattress encasements, protectors & pillows are designed with a vast array of exclusive technologies that you won’t find anywhere else. With unique features never before seen in the bedding industry, & a wide variety of personalized options to choose from, we are your final destination for a perfectly sound sleep.

The SLUMBERSHIELD® Mattress Encasement is a critical tool in preventing bed bug infestation. An impenetrable encasement product is vital to insuring the ultimate protection against bed bugs, as well as dust mites, allergens, mold and moisture for mattresses and box springs of all sizes. The SlumberShield® Mattress Encasement line features a four-sided zipper encasement known as SecureZZZip®, the industry’s first and only encasement providing 360° zipper access around the entire perimeter of the mattress and box spring, enabling users to simply unzip the product while leaving the bottom surface in place. SecureZZZip® also features SLUMBERSHIELD®‘s proprietary BedBugBanisher® Zipper Lock.

SLUMBERSHIELD® is brought to you by PRECISION TEXTILES. Precision Textiles made a name for itself in the apparel market 25 years ago where stretch and recovery, conforming to contours and life cycle durability are common expectations. Its transition into bedding has been smooth and successful due to Precision Textiles’ thoughtfully-engineered products anticipate manufacturer needs and consumer expectations, offering items which are unparalleled in softness + comfort, better able to drape to contours, and designed to meet and exceed FR compliance standards.