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Premium Smooth Mattress Protector




This Premium Smooth Mattress Protector boasts 5-Sided Protection Certified and Laboratory Tested to provide Stain + Liquid Protection. Rigorously tested for efficacy, it offers Hypoallergenic Protection from Irritants, Dust Mites, Mold and Bacteria. Luxuriously Soft and Smooth, the Impermeable Yet Breathable Fluid-Proof Breathe-a-Barrier® allows for comfortable use while being conveniently Machine Washable and available in 9-13” & 13-18” Depths

  • Non-Allergenic

  • Proven Dust Mite Protection

  • Waterproof Barrier

  • Protects Against Stains & Liquid Damage

  • Featuring Breathe-A-Barrier® Fluid-Proof Technology

  • Luxurious Feel

  • Easy Care, Machine Washable

  • 10 Year Warranty

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Keep your mattress pristine and hygienic with the Premium Smooth Mattress Protector offering unmatched, luxurious and noiseless comfort.

With an impenetrable fluid shield backed by a 5-Sided Protection Certification, it’s rigorously tested for efficacy, offering guaranteed stain and liquid protection plus a hypoallergenic shield from irritants, dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

The impermeable yet breathable, Breathe-a-Barrier® fluid-proof technology creates an ideal sleep environment that’s conveniently easy to care for.

  • Breathe-A-Barrier® fluid-proof technology

  • Safeguards mattress against stains & liquid damage

  • Guaranteed waterproof barrier

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Proven dust mite protection

  • Luxurious feel and noiseless comfort

  • Machine washable

  • 10-year warranty

Care Instructions

Wash with cold water and regular detergent. Do not use bleach.

Dry on low heat. Do not iron.

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