The SlumberCool® Protector has been of great benefit to me since I started using it! I tend to stay warm even on cool days, and evenings in the summer heat an late-summer humidity were a problem. It was all I could do to stay cool with windows open, a fan blowing, and on top of the sheets. My pillow and sheets would sometimes still be damp from the night’s perspiration. I’d wake dehydrated and unhappy. The SlumberCool® Protector has allowed me more restful nights as the bed itself seems cooler, and I sleep more easily as my restlessness has greatly diminished. This is something I have and will continue to recommend to anyone with overheating problems.

Jason B.

I finally found a solution to my night sweats, and am resting comfortably.

Christine R

Imagine the feeling of the cool side of your pillow when you flip it over in the middle of the night, except applied to your entire bed. This is the experience I have had with my Slumber Shield mattress encasement in combination with my central air on cool in the summer. I live in Arizona, so this is an extremely beneficial feature for me. The reduction in night sweats and hygienic properties of the fabric have helped me with a better body skin complexion as I am prone to occasional sweat induced blemishes and redness from dry skin/sun exposure here in the desert. I happen to be the graphic designer for Slumber Shield Inc. and I find it extremely important to experience a product in order to fully understand what audience or type of person I should be marketing it towards. My findings are that this is a product for literally everyone; infants, college students or teens suffering from body acne, adults who would like to make improvements for an uninterrupted sleep, cancer patients suffering ailments, the elderly or disabled, etc. I actually had to spend some more time than I usually do figuring out the right look and feel to apply to the packaging and design elements, because it's not the typical product that fits into a narrow category - it's for everyone (you might not even realize until you try it that it's for you), and I feel very strongly that it's the wave of the future in bedding necessities. I have designed for literal hundreds of products throughout my career, and I don't review just anything. In fact, this is only one of two reviews I have ever written for my clients. Another added plus that I can attest to, is that the company you are supporting with your purchase, whether it be wholesale or retail involvement, is filled with hardworking people who not only believe in their product, but want to help others discover it's benefits. Their hearts and personalities are just as big as their dedication to excellence, and working with them has always given me more of a family feel than that of a faceless business. In this day in age, I strive to support the companies that care, the ones working hard to care for their families, and can truly relate to their clients' needs. These shared values are what has made it possible for them to provide technology and luxury to a product that is affordable and convenient for the everyday consumer. Tip: I have found the mattress encasement to be the most effective with body temperature regulation & reducing night sweats, when used in combination with 100% cotton sheets.

Danielle S. - Graphic Designer / Business Owner Rocktopus Design