SlumberSphere® SmartPillows

Nobility SmartPillow by SlumberSphere™

Shredded foam provides a down-alternative soft “feather” pillow feel. Body contour support + durability/longevity of a memory foam. Hypoallergenic + Antimicrobial.

Zenwave SmartPillow by SlumberSphere™

Intuitive, Dynamic Response to environmental changes for a perfectly cool + dry microclimate while you sleep, transferring moisture + heat away from the body. Environmentally Friendly + Sustainably Produced Tencel® naturally regulates moisture. Shredded Memory Foam contours to your sleep position.

Embrace SmartPillow by SlumberSphere™

HeiQ + SLUMBERCOOL® Thermoregulation Technology + Gel-Infused Memory Foam engineered to keep you cool all night.

Solstice SmartPillow by SlumberSphere™

Double-sided pillow designed to provide comfort in every climate & season. SIDE A: Ice Fabric Technology features cooling fibers woven right into the fabric. SIDE B: Cozy microfleece side for those colder nights.

Glaciertex SmartPillow by SlumberSphere™

Double Ice Fabric design features cooling fibers woven right into the fabric, making the surface cool to the touch + engineered to keep you cool all night long.