SlumberShield® Premium Smooth

SlumberShield® Premium Smooth Student Mattress Encasement

Our Student Mattress Encasements are sized perfectly for a dorm mattress at 36” x 75”, 36” x 80”, and 39” x 75” with a 6" depth

SlumberShield® Box Spring Encasement

Certified & Laboratory Tested, Guaranteed Hypoallergenic Allergen & Bed Bug Protection

SlumberShield® Smooth Mattress Protector

Featuring Breathe-a-Barrier® Fluid-Proof Technology

SlumberShield® Premium Smooth Pillow Protector

Proven Dust Mite & Allergen Protector

SlumberShield® Hygienic Mattress Testing Kit

Individually Packed and Sealed

SlumberShield® Hygienic Furniture Testing Kit

Individually Packed and Sealed