SlumberShield® Hygienic Furniture Testing Kit

Individually Packed and Sealed

SlumberShield®, a division of Precision Textiles, makes products with your safety in mind. In the wake of COVID, our new hygienic testing kits will give the consumer a sense of security and safety they will need as the venture out into the world and try to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Our kits are developed for one time individual use and will allow consumers to test furniture in stores just as they did before. This product will provide them with the peace of mind and confidence that our kits will keep them safe from contaminates, as well as still feel the benefit of each piece of furniture. At SlumberShield® we take care of the science so you can rest easy!

Individually Packed and Sealed, Sizes: Furniture (60in x 40 in), Headrest (15in x 20in)


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