SlumberShield Tencel™ Eco-Friendly SilkTouch Mattress Protector

Ensures a Cool Comfortable Night’s Sleep

The Tencel Protector features Breathe-a-Barrier®, a laminating technology  that facilitates the flow of moisture vapor without letting liquids seep through.

This Protector is made from eco-friendly Tencel fibers which are naturally antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and dust repellant. The natural fiber structure of Tencel creates channels that regulate absorption and release moisture. This moisture transportation system helps create an optimal skin climate.

Tencel fabric is made with eucalyptus fiber from sustainable tree farms. Tencel is certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council but perhaps the greatest benefit is the exceptional comfort you can experience with Tencel fabric. This product is also non-allergenic, and provides proven dust mite and allergen protection due to the natural oils found in eucalyptus in addition to the Breathe-a-Barrier® protecting your mattress from moisture and contamination.It has a 10 year warranty & is machine washable.

• Tencel® Fibers Wick Moisture, Maintain Climate
• Resists Mold, Bacteria & Dust Mites
• Impermeable Yet Breathable Waterproof Barrier
• Proven Dust Mite & Allergen Protection
• Protects Against Stains & Liquid Damage
• Luxurious Feel
• Easy Care, Machine Washable
• 10 Year Warranty

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Each Mattress Encasement is available in 11”-15” Depth, or 16″-20″ Depth

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