Bulk Sales

Hospitality, university and other multi-bed venues need to protect and preserve their investments in mattresses and box springs. With SlumberShield® products, you can rest assured that your organization’s mattresses, box springs and even pillows are safeguarded against bed bugs, dust mites, liquids, bacteria, mold and other allergens. Our hassle-free, SecureZZZip® encasement features a 360°, fully removable top, easy-on-easy-off approach enabling your housekeeping staff to install and remove in a snap. Zip it on and forget about it!

What’s best about our assorted protector and encasement products is the wide array of grades and dimensions they can be purchased in; SlumberShield® welcomes custom orders as well. SlumberShield® encasement products meet and exceed flame retardant compliance standards. All are machine washable and dryable. Our products help prevent bed bug and dust mite infestations on your mattress before they happen, and help to avoid the extremely costly solution of hiring pest control to fumigate and sanitize each area, which costs THOUSANDS of dollars!

SlumberShield® also has a special private labeling program specifically for mattress manufactures and bedding retailers. We offer group discounts for distributor, retailer and bulk sales. Please email us at orders@slumbershield.com for bulk pricing and further information.